Kansas Billing System Upgrade Information

We'd like to thank you for being such a valued Knology customer. At Knology, we never stop working to improve your experience. That's why we're upgrading to a new billing system. In an effort to improve the level of service we deliver, we will be adjusting the dates covered by your monthly bill and your payment due date. The upgrade will allow us to produce statements more than twice monthly which will result in shorter waiting periods when paying your bill through our call center or at the local front counter. It will also provide easier to read monthly invoices as well as give customers access to knology.net for news, games, entertainment and easy payment methods and support on MyKnology.

Some FAQs for the Kansas billing system upgrade:
Why does the MyBroadband login screen look different?
As part of our billing system upgrade, the MyBroadband website has also been upgraded to MyKnology. You will notice that the look and feel of the site is different, but the functionalities of MyBroadband remain the same with MyKnology. Your username and password information have not changed, so you are able to log on to MyKnology just as you did with MyBroadband.
How is MyKnology different from MyBroadband?
The look and feel of MyKnology is different, and it is easier to use and navigate. However, the functionalities of MyBroadband remain the same on the new MyKnology site.
Am I still able to pay my bill online through my account?
Yes, you are still able to pay your bill through your MyKnology account.
Can I still receive alerts regarding my bandwidth usage?
Yes, you can still receive alerts regarding your bandwidth usage.
Why does my Knology bill statement look different?
As part of the billing system upgrade, the format and design of your bill statement has changed. We're dedicated to providing you with the best customer service, which includes helping you understand your bill. This new statement format is easier to understand and read. Please click here to see "how to read your new bill" that will provide you with all of the details of your new statement format.
When will I receive my next bill?
Please refer to your April bill statement and the letter you receive in the mail detailing your new bill cycle, billing period, and payment due date. Please click here to see the details of the new bill cycles and billing periods.
Why are my billing cycle and due dates changing?
We are upgrading our billing system and, in the process, are adjusting our billing dates. This adjustment will improve customer service and enable our customer service professionals to answer your calls more quickly.
Why is my account number changing?
As we migrate to our new billing platform, it is necessary to consolidate old account numbers and assign new ones so that our customers can fully benefit from the enhancements offered by our new billing system.
Why does my May bill not reflect my normal 30 day charges?
In an effort to align your account with your new due date, charges on your May bill will be slightly different from previous bills. If no account changes were made during the billing cycle, then your balance will be slightly less than normal. If account changes were made during the billing cycle (ex: adding additional service(s), ordering PPV movies, etc.), then your bill may be slightly higher than normal. Normal monthly activity will resume on your July billing statement.
Why is my June bill higher than last month's statement?
Beginning with your June statement, your normal 30 day monthly activity will resume providing there were no changes made to your services in the previous month.
What if I am unable to make 2 payments within the 30 day period?
Your monthly charges remain unchanged. You are continuing to pay the same rate per day; however, the period covered by this bill is different. Your next and subsequent bills will return to the monthly levels you are accustomed to seeing unless changes are made to your account.
What if I have Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or draft set up on my account?
No action is required on your part. Your payment will be processed as usual.
If I have questions regarding my account or new statement format, what number should I call?
Please call 785-841-2100 or 800-869-1214. Our knowledgeable customer service representatives are available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
How can I pay my bill?
Knology offers a variety of payment methods.
  • Dial 1-877-KNOLOGY to use our friendly voice activated payment process
  • Pay through your account at kansas.knology.com
  • Pay at any Western Union location in the US for a nominal fee.
  • Pay through 3rd party bill pay providers such as Checkfree, Mars, Metavante, and Princeton
  • Set up EasyPay for recurring payment via credit/debit card, checking, or savings
What is Knology's new payment address?
Payments should be sent to: Knology, PO Box 105202, Atlanta, GA 30348-5202.
What if I have online bill pay set up through my bank?
You will need to update your banking information with your new Knology account number (printed on your statement) and new payment address: Knology, PO Box 105202, Atlanta, GA 30348-5202.
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